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Kissito Alleghany - For the Betterment and Care of Human Life

Picture Tour

An Inviting Setting.

Your Recovery Starts Here.

Personalized Resident Rooms.

Our Playful Facility Birds.

Comfortable Seating and Lounge Areas.

Highly Trained Compassionate Caregivers.

On-site Rehabilitation Services.

Beautiful and Peaceful Surroundings.

Available Physical, Occupational and Speech Therapies.

Tasty, Nutritious Menu Options.

Relaxing and Restorative Respite Stays.

State-of-The-Art Therapy Gym.

Delivering Remarkable Results.

Kissito Post Acute - The Brian Center Alleghany
100 ARH Lane, Low Moor, VA 24457
Phone: 540.862.3610

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